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10 highlights from the Jump 10-year celebration

A lot can happen in 10 years! For OSF HealthCare, a $25 million dollar gift accelerated the organization’s efforts to build a one-of-kind center to not just train health workers of the future, but to re-create health care as we know it. A decade later and OSF is still doing just that.

With the opening of the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center and eventual launch of OSF Innovation, the organization pioneered the use of 3D segmentation, modeling and virtual technology to plan complex surgical cases. It’s invested in 30 companies, providing OSF patients and providers early access to emerging technologies. And it’s created digital solutions to better serve marginalized populations.

That’s just a fraction of the many accomplishments OSF Innovation has made over the years. The division recently welcomed visionary philanthropists, Mission Partners and members of the community to celebrate 10 years of innovation at Jump. Take a look at some of the highlights of the anniversary.

Day one







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  • OSF Innovation transformed floors one through four of Jump into a museum for two days, featuring interactive exhibits and posters that highlighted achievements of the last decade. This included a peak at how the OSF OnCall Digital Hospital operates and participating in STEAM activities.
  • More than 280 people attended an invite-only event where they toured the facility and enjoyed opportunities to talk to Mission Partners leading innovative efforts.
  • OSF Innovation leaders shared their vision for the future of health care by offering participants hands-on experiences, such as engaging with a smart mirror that simulates a person’s vitals and discussing ways artificial intelligence and robotics may be integrated into care.
  • Dr. John Wipfler, an attending physician for the emergency department at OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center, was announced as the inaugural Innovator of the Year. The award recognizes individuals who have stepped outside their everyday roles to advance the OSF Vision of transforming health care.
  • Attendees learned more about the OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute, the services it will provide and its significance for patients statewide.

Day two

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  • Anniversary organizers partnered with clinicians at OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center to deliver more than 2,000 cookies to physicians, nurses and others in key clinical units to express gratitude for their partnership and ensure they had a chance to join the 10-year celebration.
  • About 65 members of the community, including local leaders were invited to tour Jump and learn about the impact the facility has had on the greater Peoria region.
  • As part of a press conference, Bradley University announced activities at Jump enhanced economic activity by more than $103 million and created more than 600 full-time jobs over the last 10 years. Including the original construction expenses for the building, the total economic impact is $180 million with more than 1,000 jobs created.
  • OSF Innovation arranged shuttles to any Mission Partners at OSF headquarters and the OSF OnCall building who wanted to attend the 10-year anniversary.
  • Hundreds of Mission Partners from across the Ministry completed a scavenger hunt-style challenge with opportunities to interact with many exhibits and experiences offered by OSF Innovation. They received information on the various ways they can partner with OSF Innovation on novel projects. Those completing the challenge not only learned about the innovative achievements that have been made over the last decade, they also won various prizes and sweet treats.

Impact of Jump Simulation - Press Conference

A day to remember

This celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the many Mission Partners in and outside of OSF Innovation dedicating their time and expertise to organize this event. It also wouldn’t have been as special without the attendance of philanthropists, community members and Mission Partners.

If you’d like to take the tour, click on the link below to the virtual experience as well as some highlights from the two-day event.

Take the virtual tour


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