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OSF HealthCare Accelerated gives listeners a look inside our journey to transform health care and the solutions we're piloting to solve today's health obstacles.

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Covering a range of topics from digital care to artificial intelligence - OSF HealthCare Accelerated explores how we can work together to advance the delivery of care into the future. Find an episode and join our Mission!

Episode 31 - Take a Deep Breath

If something as simple as a blood test could help lead you to find out you have cancer earlier – increasing your chances of survival, would you take it?

Episode 30 - Blazing a Trail of Innovation
How many times have you thought to yourself, “I could fix that problem,” if only you were given the opportunity? Thanks to OSF Innovation, some nurses got a chance to do just that.
NICU premie 11022012_032.JPG
Episode 29 - 70 Years of Innovation in Pediatric Care
The Sisters have always valued innovation. OSF HealthCare has a long-standing history of innovating in pediatric care, which continues today. We explore the early days to see how they shaped the best care for our smallest patients today and in the future.
Episode 28 - Finding a Better Balance for Cancer Care
The C word – Cancer. It’s something no one wants to hear. Navigating the journey can be exhausting for everyone involved, including those within the health system. What if there was something that could help reduce the potential for burnout?
Foundation Technology VR
Episode 27 - AIM of Advanced Imaging and Modeling
On this episode of the Health Accelerated podcast, we take a closer look at the AIM Lab and how it helps surgeons and other physicians make the best decisions for their patients thanks to its segmentation service.
Health Accelerated - AI and Health Care - Hero
Episode 26 - AI and Health Care
This episode of Health Accelerated is real people discussing artificial intelligence, or AI. It’s increasingly prevalent in business and society, and we are hearing more and more about it when it comes to health care.
Health Accelerated Podcast Failure
Episode 25 - No Fear of Failure
By definition…the word FAILURE means a lack of success. But is that REALLY always the case? On this episode of Health Accelerated it’s anything BUT a fear of failure!
Media Relations podcast action 2- 2023 wJoel.jpg
Episode 24 - Media Relations Year-in-Review
It’s that time of the year when it’s traditional to look back on the journey. The OSF HealthCare Media Relations has covered a range of new and exciting ways we are helping to change the delivery of health care to meet the needs of those we serve.
Mom and daughter virtual visit
Episode 23 - Virtual Urgent Care
It’s late in the day… you’re not feeling so hot, but the last thing you want to do is haul yourself to a clinic or Urgent Care to see a provider. Thanks to technology, you may not have to...