About OSF Innovation

In 1877, The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis began serving their communities with compassion and humility, unafraid of taking on the most difficult challenges to provide care to all those who needed it.

The same is true today. The rapid change of health care along with emerging technological and scientific advances have only spurred the Sisters to examine how we can leverage these developments for the benefit of our patients.

As a result, OSF HealthCare launched OSF Innovation to embrace change and take on the largest health care challenges.

OSF Sister Smiling and Holding the Bible

What is Innovation?

We define innovation as: “The process of translating ideas that align with our vision of transforming health care into value for the benefit of the patients and communities we serve.”

Brother Juniper: The Heart of Our Innovation Philosophy

Brother Juniper, a holy friar and early follower of St. Francis, recognized opportunities where others did not in his pursuit to selflessly care for others.

On one occasion, a poor man asked alms of him. Brother Juniper responded: “I have nothing which I could give you but my tunic, and my superior has told me, under obedience, not to give it or any part of my habit, to anyone. But if you were to take it off my back, I will not resist.”

It’s this example and many others that encourages OSF to recognize him as a patron of our innovation work. Like Brother Juniper, we see barriers as opportunities to think differently about how we will develop solutions and meet the needs of those we serve.

Meet Our Team


Noel Adams - Vice President, Academic Collaborations and Operations

Becky Buchen headshot at Jump.

Becky Buchen - Senior Vice President, Innovation Operations


Michelle Conger - Chief Strategy Officer, OSF HealthCare and CEO, OSF OnCall Digital Health


Roopa Foulger - Vice President, Digital Innovation Development


Kelly George - Vice President, Performance Improvement


Mark Hohulin - Senior Vice President, Healthcare Analytics


Kip McCoy - Vice President, OSF Innovation Studios


Juli Plack - Vice President, Data and Analytics Services


Mayank Taneja, MBBS, MBA - Vice President, Venture Investments


John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP - Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Innovation and Digital Health

Jump Simulation


Lisa Barker, MD - Chief Medical Director, Simulation


Bill Bond, MD, MS - Director, Simulation Research


Kyle Formella, MS - Director, Medical Visualization


Ann Willemsen-Dunlap, CRNA, PhD - Director, Educational Development