Partnering to bring innovative health care solutions to life  

Developing ideas to improve or transform health care is easy. Turning those ideas into tangible products and services that can make a difference for the people we serve and other health care systems is not. That’s why we help front line Mission Partners and others bring their solutions to life.


Idea submission

The easiest way to get feedback on your concept or determine whether it’s viable is to submit it to OSF Innovation Studio.
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Combining the talents of our Mission Partners with researchers from academic institutions has led to the development of many innovative health care solutions. Learn how you can create with us. 

Innovation Academic Incubator
The Innovation Academic Incubator is an interconnected system where clinicians across the Ministry can easily connect with faculty and students from university partners and vice versa to develop and implement innovative health care solutions, convert them into companies or license them to outside companies.
OSF Innovation Labs
The OSF Innovation Labs, made up of multidisciplinary teams, explore, develop, test and scale solutions that bring value to OSF, our partners and most importantly, our patients.


From creating task trainers to prototyping, our engineers can help turn your ideas into a working solution.

Discover the many ways engineers can help.
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Learn How You Can Invent With Us

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