OSF Innovation Studio

OSF Innovation Studio is designed to help OSF HealthCare Mission Partners rapidly advance their ideas from exploration to implementation or commercialization within and outside of the organization. 

Submit your idea through the OSF Innovation Studio’s Office of Innovation Management for evaluation. 

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The OSF Innovation Studio helps Mission Partners create, grow or scale their health care solutions at any stage.


Develop Ideas

  • Commercialization: OSF Innovation Studio possesses the infrastructure to bring innovative concepts to market.
  • Startup Studios: OSF Innovation collaborates with established startup studios to accelerate the development of new companies, and create value not just for our Ministry and the people we serve, but for health care organizations around the country.
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Discover Solutions

  • Sensing and opportunity identification: The OSF Innovation Studio pursues novel initiatives and ideas that align with the OSF HealthCare strategy, OSF Innovation focus areas as well as the everyday experiences our Mission Partners face on the front lines of care and operations.
  • Competition: The OSF Innovation Studio calls on Mission Partners to solve for identified problems though the OSF Trailblazer Challenge.
  • Breakthrough innovation: The OSF Innovation Studio helps Mission Partners advance their ideas into solutions never seen before.
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Source Ideas

  • Intellectual property cultivation and protection: OSF Innovation Studio ensures innovative concepts are protected.
  • Funding and collaboration: OSF Innovation Studio provides resources to support the advancement of viable opportunities.
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Leading the Way


Kip McCoy - Vice President, OSF Innovation Studios


Kyle Formella - Director Medical Visualization


James Weldy - Director Innovation Programs & Management


Nick Heuermann - Strategic Program Manager


Erin Peterson - Strategic Program Manager

Dennis Slape.jpg

Dennis Slape - Innovation Business Analyst


Meghan Genzel - Project Assistant