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Innovation Labs

The path forward

There are many complex issues to solve for and many ways to get there. How do we stay focused as we move forward?

In collaboration with universities, business partners and philanthropists, we've created the OSF Innovation Labs to explore, develop, test and scale solutions to achieve the goals of our focus areas.

With connection to the entire health care system, investigators can work directly with clinicians to ensure ideas bring value to OSF, our partners and most importantly, our patients.

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Stages of development

The OSF Innovation Labs progress through a disciplined path that provides many opportunities for partnering with both internal and external innovative thinkers and doers. Each lab advances through several stages:

  • Launch stage where definition, value proposition and early-stage development occur
  • Growth stage where the lab has a well-defined purpose, projects and partners
  • Expansion stage where productive impacts are realized and value creation is maintained and monitored

Partner with us!

If you are interested in learning more about the OSF Innovation Labs, participating in certain aspects of the journey or if you want to invest or partner, contact us today.

Leading the Way

Becky Buchen headshot at Jump.

Becky Buchen - SVP, OSF Innovation


John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP - VP, Chief Medical Officer for Innovation & Digital Health


Noël Adams, MBA - VP, Academic Collaborations & Operations