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At Jump Simulation, we provide witness to the different processes of health care. We discern through research how these processes can be improved. And we act to change those processes through innovative thinking for the benefit of the people we serve and for our organization.  
PreMed Student in Surgery
A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
When Knox College student, Brisa Rubalcava, was in elementary school, she told classmates and anyone who would listen that she wanted to be a pediatrician when she grew up.
Doctor using Smart Phone App
A Safe Space To Practice Clinical Decision-Making
Jump Medical Visualization and the University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria teamed up to develop an app that will give medical students the chance to refine their diagnostic skills.
Simulation using manikin
A Way To Measure the Impact of a Learning Experience
Over the last few years, the Jump Simulation Education and Research teams have been studying whether self-efficacy is a good indicator of an impactful simulation event.
3D heart model in VR.
Accelerating the Use of 3D Modeling Technology
Learn how the AIM Lab is accelerating the use of 3D modeling technologies to all areas of health care.
Oncology patient in front of greenery
Advancing Training for a Specialized Cancer Treatment
The Jump engineering team is helping radiation oncologists better prepare for brachytherapy delivery.
University student sharing at expo.
Advantages of Collaborating With Academic Institutions
As we grow this programming to new universities and colleges, we can better engage with the people who live around these institutions and gain a better understanding of their needs.
Simulation around ambulance in regional transport center
AMT Dispatch Turns Into Learning Opportunity
Advanced Medical Transport (AMT) paramedics took part in simulations and training experiences at Jump.
Med Vis Blog 1200x630.jpg
Bridging a gap in code cart training
In collaboration with a pediatric physician, Med Vis created an augmented reality-based pediatric crash cart app.
Discover conference event
Building a Culture of Innovation
OSF leaders are enlisting the help of well-established innovation centers to create a space fostering creativity to solve health care problems.