Technology & Services Exploration

If you have a solution that aligns with the strategic goals of OSF HealthCare, it will go through our discovery and validation process. Our team will then engage with you to develop a pilot.



A pilot is a small, simple, controlled test of change to help inform logistics, learn new insights, prove value and reveal opportunities in your product or service. We use this process to determine the potential of your solution to improve care delivery and workflows, enhance clinical outcomes and optimize business functions.

Implementation & Scale

If we determine your solution will bring value to our patients and organization, we will identify an operational process owner and work with them to develop an implementation plan. This blueprint leverages the metrics of the pilot to determine scalability. It also includes a variety of steps, such as change management and education and training, to ensure the successful application of your solution.

Facilitating Transformation

OSF Innovation has a dedicated team of professionals that leverage a standard approach, rigor and data to drive continuous improvement, support strategic initiatives from development to deployment and find creative answers to tomorrow’s challenges.

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