Our Innovation Partners

We understand the value of fresh perspectives, and seek to work with innovators outside our walls. We partner with start-ups, corporations, universities, health care institutions and our own Mission Partners to maximize solutions using existing assets.

Why Partner with Us?

We believe transforming health care can’t be limited to one building, institution or even the industry itself. That’s why we seek to find partners who can help us look outside of ourselves to solve old problems in new ways.


Do you have a solution that’s ready for testing? We can help you pilot and advance your product by leveraging our expertise, resources and rural and urban environments in an integrated health care system. In addition, we mentor and provide feedback for future solutions.

Academic Partnerships

As a university partner, we can connect your researchers, faculty and students with subject matter experts at OSF to solve real challenges in health care. There are also funding opportunities for teams working on innovative concepts.

Corporate Partners

If you want to make an impact in the health care industry with your product or service, we can help! Get feedback from our front line Mission Partners to advance your solution and change health care for the better.

Hospital Partners

We partner with health care institutions that share a similar Mission to OSF and are driven to improve care in their communities. Whether you are developing an innovation portfolio of ideas and processes or already have one, we want to work with you to tackle the challenges around innovating in health care.

Mission Partners

As a front line Mission Partner, you have firsthand knowledge of areas in need of improvement and often have ideas to fix those. We can turn your ideas into reality using a variety of resources.

Academic Partnerships

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Incubators and Accelerators


Ventures and Consortiums

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Meet a Few Members of the OSF Innovation Team

Becky Buchen headshot at Jump.

Becky Buchen - SVP, OSF Innovation


John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP - VP, Chief Medical Officer for Innovation & Digital Health


Kip McCoy - Vice President, Innovation Studio

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