Health Accelerated - AI and Health Care - Hero

Episode 26 - AI and Health Care

Health Accelerated - AI and Health Care - Hero

This episode of Health Accelerated is real people discussing artificial intelligence, or AI. It’s increasingly prevalent in business and society, and we are hearing more and more about it when it comes to health care.

Host Shelli Dankoff is joined by Dr. Tyler Fitch, director of Medical Informatics and Integration for OSF HealthCare and Dr. Mark Meeker, vice president for Community Medicine for OSF. Among the topics they tackle: How improvements in AI may help reduce provider burnout and increase patient access by incorporating AI into provider notes and the electronic medical records.

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Featured on this Episode

Mark Meeker, DO

Mark Meeker, DO, Vice President for Community Medicine

Tyler Fitch, MD

Tyler Fitch, MD, Director of Medical Informatics and Integration