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New report supports OSF HealthCare strategy of expanding academic partnerships
The Illinois Science & Technology Coalition (ISTC) released a new report showing university campuses in Illinois founded 694 startups over the past five years, contributing 2,093 new jobs to the state.
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AI platform provides easy access to eye disease diagnosis for OSF patients with diabetes
Digital Diagnostics, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostic healthcare company’s flagship product, LumineticsCore™ (formerly IDx-DR), is increasing access to innovative care at OSF HealthCare for people living with diabetes.
OSF Innovation develops AI mortality predictor to help identify those who might benefit most from end-of-life care discussions
Recent research shows that only 22% of Americans have documented their end-of-life wishes for healthcare. Healthcare professionals need that information to ensure that every patient receives their desired end-of-life care.
OSF transforms frontline education with Elemeno Health’s mobile-friendly microlearning solution
OSF HealthCare announced it is expanding use of the Elemeno Health just-in-time microlearning solution as a foundational element in its transformation of clinical learning.
Researchers developing mixed-reality training to combat opioid overdose deaths
Iowa was the only state where opioid-related deaths did not increase last year. The American Medical Association says more than 105,000 opioid overdose deaths were reported in the United States between December 2021 and December 2022.
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Beating hearts pump up virtual reality for pre-surgery planning
In the case of converting medical scans into 3D or 4D images for a deeper view of organs, tissues and tumors, AI has the possibility of changing how surgeons prepare to operate on patients with complex issues.

Innovation Blogs

Addressing local health care staffing shortages
Physicians, nurses and other clinicians are in short supply across the U.S. and that’s only expected to get worse in the future. But what can local health care leaders do to reverse this trend?
How VR impacts complex surgeries
OSF Innovation has been on the leading edge of 3D modeling ever since printing its first pediatric heart for surgical planning in 2013.
Meeting patients where they are
In 2022, a group of OSF Innovation and OSF OnCall leaders successfully launched a new focused strategy to increase mammogram rates among disadvantaged populations.
Trailblazer Challenge: Pill Passport
OSF Innovation is developing hospital-based Innovation Hubs where anyone across the Ministry can learn to engage in improvement, creative thinking and executing solutions.
OSF clinical educator prepares manikin trainer.
Training to identify and treat wounds
To improve outcomes and combat the rising costs of providing health care and the penalties for hospital readmissions, Jump Simulation, a part of OSF Innovation, is developing a new way to train clinicians on wound treatment in partnership with a clinical Mission Partner.
Trailblazer Challenge: Interactive after-visit summary
1/17/2023 - OSF Innovation is developing hospital-based Innovation Hubs where anyone across the Ministry can learn to engage in improvement, creative thinking and executing solutions.