OSF HealthCare (HC) Jump Sim Introduction to Facilitation Course

With the assistance of a trained debriefer, participants in simulations and other highly emotional occurrences need to explore their own points of view (frames), actions, and results that comprised the experience. Engaging in collaborative, off-line reflection heightens debriefers’ awareness of how their own and others’ undiscovered frames may produce unwanted consequences, particularly during debriefing. This practice also heightens debriefers’ awareness of their own idiosyncratic responses and frames in real time. This awareness allows debriefers to better facilitate a learning conversation. Such conversations can lead to positive behavioral changes among participants with resulting improvement in team communication and processes.

Course Description

This is a 2-day course for a maximum of 15 participants. The first day is comprised of lecture and interactive exercises that occur in the didactic space. In the last hour the group is divided into 2-3 groups and separated to develop learning objectives and case scenarios.

For day 2 the 2-3 scenarios developed on Day 1 are run, followed by debriefing practice, and debriefing of the student facilitators. There are 3 short didactics on Day 2.

Curricular Goals

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the beginning skill set necessary to:

  • Demonstrate the use of feedback and debriefing of a teamwork simulation
  • Utilize specific strategies to foster learning conversations and reflective practice
  • Discuss the role of simulation in learning and performance improvement for professional learners
  • Formulate simulation scenarios based on learning objectives
  • Discuss the role of feedback and debriefing in learning and performance improvement

Assessment & Outcomes Measurement

On-going assessment of debriefers' performance will be done by core Jump Sim faculty using a standardized tool. In addition, each debriefer's participant ratings and related comments will be tracked and evaluated for growth.


Educators interested in learning how to conduct simulation-based education.


Medical Director, Simulation

Director Educational Development

Clinical Education Scholar OSF HealthCare