Synergy Society

The health care revolution starts with you!

Why Synergy Society is Needed

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OSF Innovation is leading transformational, community-based innovation that encourages collaboration between health care experts, innovative companies, academic researchers and members of our own communities to solve the following areas of focus:

  • Big Data and the Internet of Medical Things
  • Community Health and Social Determinants of Health
  • Genomics and Precision Medicine
  • Next Generation Primary Care
  • Radical Efficiency

We've invested in simulation to inform and inspire these collaborative efforts. And we are partnering with service areas that are representative of our entire Ministry and where, we believe, solutions can be easily translated into other communities and beyond.

With a membership in the Synergy Society, you can join us in supporting the innovative solutions taking place.

How you can help

_Inset_Innovation_Synergy_Help.jpgJoining the Synergy Society gives you the opportunity to support innovative ideas AND participate in this pioneering work. With your help, our communities can reach their creative potential through collaborative innovation, so everyone can live a healthy life.

As a Synergy Society member, you can choose the level of involvement you desire to see inspiration and innovation through your gift. Gain an insider's view of the work and receive early insights on breakthroughs from the innovation team.

Your collaboration on innovative approaches will bring valuable expertise to our teams. Your willingness to play, build and design with us will lead to solutions we have never considered before. We want you to challenge us to think differently as we work to transform health care. The health revolution starts with you.