AIM Opportunities

ARCHES Grant Projects

Toward Automated Diagnosis of Seizures and 3D Representation of SEEG Clinical Data

Investigators: Matthew Bramlet, MD, UICOMP, OSF HealthCare; Brad Sutton, PhD, UIUC; Yogatheesan Varatharajah, PhD, UIUC; Andres Maldonado, MD, UICOMP, OSF HealthCare; Michael Xu, MD, PhD, UICOMP, OSF HealthCare

Some patients with seizures face debilitating effects that pharmacologic therapy cannot treat. These patients are left with surgery as their best option that requires an invasive procedure (stereotactic-electroencephalography or SEEG) to pinpoint the origin of these seizures. This project will present surgeons with a stereoscopic 3D model to give surgeons a better mental representation of where seizures are occurring. The group also wants to develop an automated interpretation algorithm of SEEG tracings, and create predictive algorithms to reduce invasive testing.

Ventilator Duplication Kit - 2019

Investigators: Dr. Matthew Bramlet, Director of Congenital Cardiac MRI, OSF HealthCare Children's Hospital of Illinois and Clinical Medicine, Director Advanced Image Modeling at Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center, Pediatrics, UICOMP; Dr. Jon C. Michel, Director of Critical Care, OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center; Brad Sutton and; Laura Villafan Roca, Grainger College of Engineering, U of I at Urbana-Champaign.

The Ventilator Duplication Kit project aims to develop a rapidly deployable kit for using a single ventilator among multiple patients with varying ventilation needs by tailoring the delivered breaths to each individual. Research and development will start with MATLAB physics simulations of the pressure and flow of the ventilator-multi-patient system. The end product will be a system of one-way valves and additive resistive tubing along with flow and pressure monitors for each patient.

Virtual Heart Patch for Determining Complex Shapes for Surgical Patching - 2019

Investigators: Arif Masud, Illinois/Civil and Environmental Engineering and Matthew Bramlet, OSF/UICOMP

This group is developing a software module that allows surgeons to simulate the creation of complexly-shaped 2D heart patches in a virtual reality environment. Surgeons would use this simulation to determine the size and shape of a patch that needs cut from a 2D sheet of flexible cloth-like material that can be used in a real heart patch surgery.

Automated and Adaptive Whole-Body Segmentation for Visualization of Anatomy, Lesions, and Intervention Pathways for Medical Training - 2018

Investigators: Brad Sutton, Illinois/Bioengineering and Matthew Bramlet, OSF/UICOMP

This project expands on a previous effort to develop an automated segmentation program to create congenital heart defects in 3D, viewable in a variety of digital formats. The current proposal seeks to develop another automated segmentation platform for the creation of 3D content of the whole body for medical training in virtual reality.

Simulation Training for Mechanical Circulatory Support Using Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) In Adult Patients - 2017

Investigators: Pramod Chembrammel from U of I and Matthew Bramlet, MD from OSF HealthCare and UICOMP

This team is developing a simulator to train surgeons in using extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to provide artificial oxygenation to blood cells. This skill, which is difficult to perfect without practicing on real patients, helps save failing hearts and lungs during a surgery. The researchers are modifying the DR Doppler™ blood flow simulator, which simulates blood flow in the vasculature, to develop a working prototype where the blood flow changes colors based on oxygenation.