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Episode 29 - 70 Years of Innovation in Pediatric Care

NICU premie 11022012_032.JPG

The Sisters have always valued innovation. OSF HealthCare has a long-standing history of innovating in pediatric care, which continues today.
Two of those innovators are Bill Albers, MD, a pioneering pediatric cardiologist and Tim Miller, MD, OSF HealthCare’s first neonatologist, who developed the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Both have written books capturing that history. In this episode, we explore the early days (along with author Monica Vest Wheeler who spoke directly with nurses) to see how they shaped the best care for our smallest patients today and in the future.

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Featured on this Episode

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Bill Albers, MD, retired pediatric cardiologist, OSF HealthCare

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Tim Miller, MD, retired medical director, Academic Affairs, OSF HealthCare


Monica Vest Wheeler, author