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Episode 27 - AIM of Advanced Imaging and Modeling

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If you or a loved one was facing a critical medical procedure, you would want your physician to have the best information available for their decision-making, wouldn’t you? That’s where the Advanced Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Lab through OSF Innovation comes in.

On this episode of the OSF HealthCare Accelerated podcast, we take a closer look at the AIM Lab and how it helps surgeons and other physicians make the best decisions for their patients thanks to its segmentation service.

Joining host Shelli Dankoff for this discussion are Matthew Bramlet, MD, and Sister M. Pieta Keller, FSGM. Dr. Bramlet is a pediatric cardiologist and director of the AIM Lab at Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, and Sister Pieta is an innovation engineer with OSF Innovation.

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The Advanced Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Lab has perfected the process of converting patient specific medical images (CT, MRI) into segmented anatomy that is relevant to the medical decision making pathway.

The AIM Lab segments hearts at no cost to families or institutions. The lab accepts anonymized datasets from treating physicians, and sends back the 3D model targeting the segments needed for medical decision making.

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Featured on this Episode

Matthew Bramlet, MD

Matthew Bramlet, MD, Pediatric Cardiologist, AIM Lab Director


Sister M. Pieta Keller, FSGM, Innovation Engineer