C.Diff Risk Challenge



by OSF HealthCare System

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C.diff Risk Challenge offers an engaging way to learn about severe Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) risk factors. With a gaming approach, this app can help sharpen the clinical skill of identifying severe CDI risk factors and assessing severity levels for proper treatment.

This app uses an approach that categorizes a patient's risk of having severe CDI into low, moderate, and high; a system that some hospital systems use to determine appropriate treatment actions. Users will work against the clock as they aim to correctly identify the risk level of patients with CDI and earn the highest possible score. The user scores are presented on the results screen to encourage replay and improvement.


Target Users

Nurses, nursing students, providers, residents, and medical students


  • It is a free app, compatible with all iOS and Android devices
  • Designed for quick play sessions to promote pattern recognition
  • The results screen helps users track their performance


  • Skills – Behavioral: Recognize risk factors that elevate a patient from a low to moderate or high risk for contracting C.diff


C.Diff Risk Decision Sheet [PDF]

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